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Three Major Changes Which Took Place In Seo 2016

2016 seo changes

As we all wanted rankings and search traffic from search engines, we try our level best to work out things. But sometimes after keeping efforts also, we can’t achieve things in seo. Because of the changes which took place in seo.

As you all know seo is ever changing process and it continuously emerges new rules and algorithms, so when we are planning any seo strategies, you should pay attention to the latest updates of the search engines and also the trends of search engine optimization Or else our efforts will turn into vain.

2016 seo changes

Now, in 2016 there were three major changes in search engine optimization. And also I believe that these are the best things which are very effective in 2016.


1. Semantic Search:

It has been a while since Google focused on keyword stuffing. Now Google has realized the importance of the searches and Google is planning to give the people what they actually search for. Google has highly penalized the keyword stuffing and only keyword approach, and they have considered those as a flawed article.

Google has taken these keywords and now its focuses on the more direct and general meaning of what people are really searching for and what the content is matched. It’s conducting a scan on the web page and then remove all the non-based word or phrase which are ranking for that keywords.

Now, it’s the time to produce quality and relevancy articles and use perfect outbound links which are really helpful for the visitor.


2. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Google has introduced AMP, Accelerated Mobile pages. You all may know that, it has launched AMP because many people are frustrated with the long page loading times of the website and Google already hate those pages.

Now Google offers you to change and store your content off-site. And still, the content will be available without the long waiting period.

Now if you target mobile users then Google accelerate mobile pages or AMP is the best area to load your content fast, and you will have a whole field to do some seo techniques.


3. App Store Optimization:

Google has come up with another change like App store optimization. Usually, most of the people like apps more than browsing websites. Even some people don’t want to browse a mobile site. Because people love mobile app interface and in the normal website the site interface is different, and it’s not flexible then app.

You can see many apps on app stores, but you can’t see some apps in Google search engine because the Google needs the App Store Optimization. Or ASO to get some if your SEO attention.

So, you must find a way to increase the number of reviews and downloads of your app, and those are directly impacted on its ranking in an app store search. If you are a developer, then try to make your name short and sweet don’t be too larger or don’t keep and hard pronounced words. If you had no option the take advantage of the seo by describing your title and keep the keyword at the start.



By these changes, you can improve your seo performance in this present year. This is all about the three major changes in the search engines and if you notice any other or you have any queries then drop your comment in the comment section below this article. We are likely to reply all comments and interact with people as well.

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