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5 Best Local Link Building Techniques to Improve Your Site

link building

Link building is important regarding seo, and it’s quite challenging skill among all the seo skills. There is a lot of discussion around the globe that link building is not that important in Google present day rankings etc.

But that’s all news is crap and Google is giving value to link building, and it’s one of the important ranking factor in Google.


link building

Now, you all might be wondering what link building is. If you are already in seo industry, then you will definitely know about the link building. But if you are a new comer to seo field then you should learn about link building.

What is link building?

Link building is the process of getting external pages to link to your pages or your page on your website. It’s one of the crucial element in search engine optimization (SEO).  On all the seo techniques link building is the hardest method and time consuming process.

Now, let’s be clear there is a huge competition for local businesses around you and you can even see that now what if you are the small business owner who wants to rank their site better than their competitors.

If you think like that then here are the few tips which can enhance your local business. Now follow these five tips to get benefit from your link building.


1. Be a local resource and interview some famous figures:

Now many local businesses don’t maintain a group among them, and they are simply afraid to refer people to other local business which are related to their business. Now don’t make that mistake create a local resource directory on your site for this purpose.  But this works for some business only, for some business. It may not work. By using this method you can get links from the local business and it will help to improve your site.

And conduct the interview for some famous figures in your related niche and publish them in your site to build links and also to attract their visitors as well.


2. Offer testimonial for other local business:

Just make an offer to write a testimonial for other local business that you have had a good experience and knowledge with and in exchange you can ask for a link from that site whom you gave your testimonial. This is the helpful tactic for link building.


3. Offer a discount to selected group:

You can offer a discount to selected groups in your circle it doesn’t matter whether it’s a non-profitable companies or schools etc. Just find the best group in your circle which is having best customer reach and offer them a discount. Then you can gain a link from every site which is linked to the source.


4. Sponsor a local group or host a community event:

Local business can often find others community groups which is having the massive reach, just to take advantage of that you can shortlist some groups which are looking for sponsorships and sponsor them. It may be any activity or community event or something else.

You can get the huge amount of links from the groups and other social links as well because you are in the sponsorship role. So your site will grow with links. By this way, you can get authority backlinks as well.


5. Create a contest:

Offering contest is an old way of marketing but it actually works in the modern age as well, many people are crazy about the contest, and you can make use of that by simply creating a fun contest where people can have lots of excitement.

By conducting this type of contest you can have a good publicity and along with that you can get lots of deal and links from high authority sites as well.

These are amazing tips. It would really help you improving local rankings.

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