Five Seo Factors Beginners Forget To Do and Pay the Price

Seo is always an exciting game where many beginners think they are doing everything perfect and leave some basic and important stuff in Seo.

Have you ever thought about “why is my site ranking so bad” Instead of doing seo “why is my seo so bad? ”

I think many bloggers and seo beginners will think of these questions. In some cases, they even feel frustrated due to lack of results.

Now, let’s speak about some basics of seo where beginners always forget to do and try other things to make their site perfect. But the fact is leaving the basics can’t and going to advanced tactics can’t give you any stability or importance to your site.

These are the most common and fundamental errors where many bloggers leave at the start and often think why my seo is so bad.




1. Unique page titles

Page titles play a significant role in seo. Page titles are also called as “ title tags”. These are the titles which show in Google search engine results page.

So the title is having lots of importance. Now the essential thing you must do is create a unique page title for every page and keep your title up to 67 characters it’s the smart way to approach search engines.

And make sure you have included your keyword in your title and if possible try to add your brand name to add more weight.


2. Add Unique Meta Descriptions

The Meta description is the fundamental part of seo. And it’s the opportunity to grab an eyeball of your visitors as well. Most of the new bloggers overlook their Meta description and leave that to the search engines.

It’s the bad practice here you can remove those mistakes because Meta description is a huge seo factor. It’s better to include your keyword in Meta description and write it in a clear way.


3. Remove Meta keywords

At the start of blogging, some may think adding Meta keywords is the best way to rank in search engines. However, it is absolutely wrong. Adding a Meta keyword has a zero percent impact on seo now. It also depends on the google and others search engine updates. The Meta keywords are treated as nothing or as spam.

So if you find anything in your Meta keywords sections then delete that and never repeat that again.


4. Using One H1 tag

Using headings in the content is the best way to make a notice that you’re content in on the particular topic. And search engines always gives tremendous importance to your H1 tag.

Because the headlines are outlined to say what’s the section is about. You can include H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. The H1 tag has high seo value because it will tell the users what the topic is about.

And also having two or more H1 tags is again a negative signal for search engines so you should use only one H1 tag in your content.  Most of the new bloggers leave H1 tags because they don’t know about the importance of H1 tag.


5. Compress images and add Alt tags to images

Images play a major part of any site, so having images best practices but if you have images with high resolution, you should compress your images. Or else your site loading speed will increase.

Make sure you include Alt tags to your images because search engines can’t see your images they can only see your text you write. So adding Alt tags in your images are crucial.



These are the basic seo factors where beginners always forget them and again wanted to be their site to drive results from search engines. So, make sure you have clearly maintained and completed all these rules.

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